Look Cool and Win Prizes In Rocket League Frosty Fest

frosty decal on a blue car - Look Cool and Win Prizes In Rocket League Frosty Fest

Rocket League Frosty Fest begins today, driving up competition and unwrapping some amazing new loot.

Prepare to receive some epic new in game loot as the annual round of festive celebrations returns to Rocket League for another gas guzzling ride around in the snow. This year, Frosty Fest is headlined by Music label Lofi Girl, giving players the opportunity to delve into a host of Limited Game modes, garb some cool loot, and chill out while perusing the new shop items.

Players racing into action today will now find a trio of new LTMs in play. The Winter Breakaway is now live, followed by Heatseeker Ricochet beginning on December 21, and then Knockout starting on December 28 until the conclusion of Frosty Fest. If these new game modes have something of a frosty reception in your house, then there’s still an opportunity to try out the new Frosty Fest event challenges. These new goals mean players can play to win Lofi Girl-themed items such as the Lofi Girl Cat Topper, Lofi Girl Player Banner, Lofi Girl Decal, and more. Challenge rewards also include winter-themed items and Golden Gifts.

Anybody looking for a bit of extra festive dazzle without the effort an also drive through the in game shop, where Rocket League has added some Lofi Girl beats. Anthems such as “Flying Sled” and “Winter Drive” by Kainbeats, “First Snow” and “Winter Morning” by Purrple Cat, and “Monday” by xander are on offer for 300 Credits, with a large bundle available too. If you’re a bit short on cash after all the presents, then you can still grab the Frost Boss Player Title for free. To check out this avalanche of updates, check out the official Rocket League website now.

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