Memories Of Mars Lands On PC And Consoles

Memories Of Mars, a new survival title, has just landed on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s time to get off this planet and take our chances in space!

Unfortunately for humanity, there is no escape from the problems on Earth. Set 100 years in the future, it seems that attempts to colonize the red planet have fallen on hard times. The withdrawal of colonization efforts leaves abandoned equipment and human clones strewn around the planet. As one of thee unfortunate meat sacks, you wake without hope of escape and only one goal, survival.

Originally an Early Access title, the latest game from 505 games and Limbic Entertainment is now available and challenges players to overcome a range of obstacles when they wake on Mars. Alongside the obvious search for food and water, players will need to build a home base of operations, find malleable resources, and fend off hostile intent. Strange robotic invaders and other human clones will threaten your survival as the game initiates it’s Emergency Protocols system. These quest based events will push pioneers out into the world and encourage exploration of more than 16 square KM of Martian landscape complete with deserts, craters, canyons, rocky planes, and mesas.

As Memories of Mars unfolds, expect to come across organic opportunities for adventure with other players, some gorgeous views, and the opportunity to even jump an escape capsule back to Earth. Players might even find out exactly what caused Humanity to retreat to the pale blue dot if they survive long enough. You can already hop aboard this new mission to mars today. Early adopters will be able to grab a 10% discount on their tickets to Mars. Check out the release trailer above and head over to the Playstation Store, Xbox Games Store, or Steam to grab Memories of Mars today.


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