Minecraft Headed to Switch in May, Completes Console Domination


Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 11th. The big news came as part of Nintendo Direct alongside a virtual buffet of other game releases. Players can get hold of a digital copy of the game on that date, with a physical edition coming later.

Minecraft console dominance

Minecraft is continuing its quest to take over the world with yesterday’s announcement. It is already available on XBox 360, PlayStation 3, XBox One, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Wii U as well as on PC and mobile devices.

The release version will support local and online multiplayer. Online will allow up to eight players to take part, while local multiplayer will let four play via split screen.

The big difference is how the game works with the various viewing and playing options the Switch offers, with its lovely palm-sized Joy-Cons and choice of TV or portable screens.

Those who love Mario will also be pleased to learn that the Super Mario “mash up” pack will also be part of the deal. The themed extension features iconic characters including Luigi and Waluigi.

We’ll keep you posted with even more news out of Nintendo Direct!


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