Ninjas Are Storming Stronghold Warlords

Everything is better with Ninjas, so Firefly Studios has relented and announced that upcoming strategy Stronghold Warlords is getting Ninjas.

Announced alongside the Warrior Monk, Imperial Cavalry, and Auxiliary Cavalry Units, the brand new Ninja units feature as part of an updated from the team behind this castle siege sim. Revealed in among a new gameplay trailer, the Ninja, Warrior Monk, Imperial Cavalry, and Auxiliary Cavalry all come with their own special abilities, counters, tactics, and game-changing playstyle for use on the field or in the castle shadows.

These new units join Stronghold Warriors’ legion of 16 units and 10 siege weapons that are accessible to any player entering the game’s skirmish mode and multiplayer. As just the latest addition to the latest castle sim RTS from Firefly Studios, these new units are an attempt to mix up combat and keep this well-established franchise fresh.


Stationing troops on castle walls, setting up traps and even hiding your Lord has been drilled into Stronghold players fearful of an untimely virtual death since Assassins were first added to the series. Stronghold: Warlords will once again deliver on this front, albeit with some interesting changes appropriate to the new setting.

Warrior Monk

A well-rounded soldier with specific battlefield applications, the Warrior Monk is a finely honed living weapon. Lightly armoured and fast on his feet, this unit is capable of dealing high damage quickly and is purpose made for surprise attacks.

Imperial Cavalry

Heavily armoured, well trained, and a little slower than you might like, the Imperial Cavalry are hard-hitting riders that make up for their sluggish steeds with a special ability that can deal tremendous damage on the field of battle.

Auxiliary Cavalry

Lighter armoured than their Imperial counterparts, these mounted units are the mainstay of any mounted attack, moving quickly to and through your enemies but at a significant detriment to their own protection.

To check out all the newly announced units in action, check out the trailer above or head over to the Stronghold Warlords website now before it invades on 26 January 2021 via Steam.

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