Nintendo eShop Card Competition

Nintendo Competition

It’s time to win some free credit for the Nintendo eShop. We’re giving away two $20 Nintendo eShop cards as little thank you before we head off for Thanksgiving, or Thursday for the rest of us.

With the long-distance traveling, irritable relatives, and just a general need to fit in a little gaming, we know that a fair few of us are already charging up our Nintendo Switch consoles to get us through the upcoming holiday. So, what better way to help out than to give away some Nintendo eShop cards to our readers. We’ve kicked off a Nintendo competition below and al you have to do to win some free games is click the buttons, follow, like and wait for the winner.

With the Nintendo Cyber Sale ongoing, among other Black Friday goodness, right now you’d be surprised what you can grab for a measly $20. The Nintendo Store is brimming with offers this week, from big-budget discounts to delicious indie titles.

Why bother cooking Thanksgiving dinner alone when you can get some friends to help out. Overcooked 2 is down to just $20. Chefs can let loose and revel in the chaos as you desperately try to pull together a meal under increasing pressure. Wash the veg, cut, fry, and server as the orders keep on coming in this hilarious party piece that might even get more hesitant members behind the grill.

You could try out a promising indie title like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This homage to all things Vania is a gorgeous return to the genre for Igarashi and a game that made heads turn when it destroyed its Kickstarter goals. The Switch launch looked and sounded fantastic but it suffered from serious performance problems. A little over 5 months since launch and it might be time to take on this tale of a young girl at odds with her fate and $20 will do that and leave change.

Alternatively, you could pick up a Nintendo exclusive and one of the weirdest crossover events in gaming history. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle drops in at a tiny $15 during the Cyber Deals sale. There is no reason why you wouldn’t get this launch title and experience the strange mix of Peach, Mario, and Rabbids prancing around a 4X strategy title while mutated bunnies thump around the screen scaring the living hell out of the locals. In fact, forget the competition just check out our review then buy it!

To win one of our cards just head to the competition below and follow the required steps. If you have trouble with this please contact us via our contact page so we can include you in the draw for this Nintendo competition. Have a great weekend and on Sunday we’ll pick a winner.



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