No Straight Roads Strikes Up The Band in 2020

No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads blew us away when it took to the stage at EGX Rezzed just a few months ago and now we know when the concert kicks off. No Straight Roads is coming early 2020.

Coming to PC and PlayStation 4, this brand new rhythm game is actually an action RPG that makes music for everyone. Unlike most rhythm games No Straight roads is designed to bring music to anybody who can hold a controller and turn up the dial. The brash indie album follows the fate of a group of rebel musicians as they fight the dystopian fate of Vynal city. In an effort to take down the EDM empire, players will take on gigs, fight musical maniacs, and watch the surrounding city change around them.

Created by indie studio Metronomik, the fight against EDM is largely helmed by Wan Hazmer and Daim Dziauddi. You might have heard of the two. Both are hugely successful industry veterans, with Wan mostly notably known as Final Fantasy XV’s lead game designer. The decision to push No Straight Roads into 2020 coincides with the announcement of a publishing deal for the Malaysian developer. Sold Out, who recently released Little Friends: Dogs and Cats, are due to press the copies of No Straight Roads.

A PlayStation 4 physical release of the game is now due to accompany the digital release and will come in at ​£29.99/€39.99/$39.99. If you prefer physical discs, or just fancy a copy on your wall, then No Straight Roads is available for physical pre-order now. Digital copies will open up for sale soon. If you are interested in joining the revolution then you can find out more on the official No Straight Roads website.

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