Online Games: More Than a Lockdown Distraction


Online gaming has become more popular than ever during the pandemic that the world is currently facing. It’s a fun and accessible hobby that many people started while stuck at home. Szilvia Sultés explains why it’s more than just a way to pass the time during a lockdown. Online casinos, like in Hungary, have seen tremendous growth during the first half of 2020. This is a trend that should carry on as new players realize the benefits of online gaming.

A Way of Coping

Many people have been turning to online games to cope with the difficult time the world is facing. Gaming is a distraction where you can get lost in a fantasy world and not have to worry about reality.

The top online games allow you to socialize with friends online. This interaction makes you feel less alone and isolated. Playing online games against friends is an excellent way to stay in touch with people you can’t visit. Health professionals estimated that online gamers are coping with self-isolation better because they are accustomed to socializing online.

Playing an online game can also be a way to get quality family time in. You can play games with your family, which can be a welcome relief from the monotony of staying at home. Many people have found that the time they spend with family while gaming has become vital for staying in touch and bonding.

Online games can give you a sense of control and predictability when you have little control over what’s happening around, and the uncertain future.

Exploring the World

There’s a good chance that your travel plans for 2020 went down the drain. However, you can still explore different parts of the world. Use the advancements in technology and to play travel-based games, which can give you a sense of escape.

Many online games in PC format have been available for sale during the lockdown, being marked as an essential retail product and delivered to your door. Some companies like Nintendo have been unable to keep up with the demand for Switch, their flagship gaming console.

Lockdown 2

Benefits of Online Gaming

While gaming can provide an escape from the harsh realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide a way of socializing with loved-ones near and far, there are yet more benefits. Cognitive and emotional benefits are only some of the upsides of being a gamer.

You can learn to be a better team player by playing the best online virtual games with others. Playing team-based video games can help you improve your teamwork skills as well as playing sports. It can also help you be a better communicator with your team while working remotely.

Online games can boost intellect and make you a better strategist. Negotiation, collaboration, and critical thinking are some other skills you can improve by playing games online.


You don’t need much to be able to participate in online games. Many of the top online games are available on your mobile device and from your desktop. All you need is a reliable internet connection with decent speed. You will have to purchase tickets or passes for some of them, but many are free to play with some in-game purchase options.


Gaming in any form can be a healthy and beneficial hobby, not only during a lockdown but also when everything goes back to normal. There are multiple benefits to consider for people who often play online. Besides being a fun pastime, you can learn to collaborate with others, make quick decisions, and work out strategies.

It’s also become essential for staying in touch with loved ones, boosting the sense of control, and escaping into fantasy realms where there is no pandemic.

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