Opera GX Gaming Browser Begins Testing at Level 1

Opera GX

If you are dragged down by your normal Browser then Opera GX is here to win you over. This new competitor is designed specifically for gamers and testing has just launched for early adopters.

The Opera GX Browser is a brand new project from the team behind the eponymous Opera Browser. It blends the functions of the popular Open Source web browser with a whole host of functionality that might very well make it the browser of choice for those of us with more than Moonkitty Gifs to check out online. While the Opera GX sounds like something of an oddity it has a bit more tech behind it than the Razer Toaster.

Based on the Chromium project, the Opera gaming browser shows a bunch of features that might actually be of some use to gamers. Google’s very own Chrome browser, a closed source variation of the Chromium code, is notorious for its appetite, devouring memory at an insatiable rate. Opera GX allows a player to curtail this issue. Opera has included a component called the GX Control Panel. This added extra allows users to modify the amount of system CPU or memory their browser uses, keeping a lid on that memory monster that frequently destroys Twitch streams.

Of course, the Opera GX comes with a host of gaming deals and popular gaming sites integrated into the browser because you might forget the web address for twitch at any given moment. While I might not be convinced about the merit of these sidebars, I’m sure that the next three words will sell most of you.

Razer Chroma Integration

Opera GX Chroma

In a surprising move, Opera has placed its flag firmly in the chroma camp. A host of exclusive wallpapers are bundled with the web browser and Razer Chroma integration means that all of your connected Chroma elements will adjust to the highlight and colors of the browser. There are 10 suggested highlight colors and a total of 16 million potential combinations to augment the base red and black look that screams GAMING!

Clothes, Kitchen utilities, and now our very own browsers. Gamers are clearly are a growing commodity. If you are interested in getting in at Level 1 then check out more at the official Opera blog and get gaming.

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