Outriders Introduces Technomancer Class

Outriders Introduces Technomancer Class

The developers of co-op RPG Outriders have shared a new blog post to introduce the fourth and the final class available to players, the other three being the Trickster, the Pyromancer and the Devastator.

Technomancers are able to manipulate constructs, be they steel or flesh, to their own ends. Technomancers’ main skills focus around the construction or “summoning” of deadly weapons of war. They can materialize turrets with different effects, such as Cold or Toxic that will autonomously attack enemies and draw their fire. Alternatively, a Technomancer can also construct an automated surface-to-surface-barrage “Pain Launcher” which packs a tremendous punch while carpet bombing a corridor in front of it.

A Technomancer’s capability, however, extends beyond electric technology, allowing them to even manipulate the most complex of constructs: biological cells and subatomic particles.

Check out Game Informer’s Outriders gameplay video showing off Technomancer in action:

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