Path Of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Expansion Arrives On PS4

Path Of Exile Conquerors Of The Atlas Expansion

Path of Exile has a huge new update, and hot on the heels of the PC release comes the Playstation 4 Conquerors Of The Atlas expansion.

Originally revealed back in November 2019, during Exliecon, the latest addition to this dungeon crawling masterpiece already went live on the PC platform a few days ago. Now players can dive back into the War for the Atlas and take on a whole new slew of challenges as the adventure continues. After discovering an ancient primordial force that roams the Atlas of Worlds and battling it back, saving the world it turns out that nothing is quite what it seems. The consequence of long term exposure to the twisted reality of the Altas turns the world that players have fought for on its head. Conquerors of the Atlas calls on warriors to draw a line against some seriously powerful new foes.

New But Not Forgotten

In a clear effort to change things up, The latest POE content drops in a cluster of new maps, boss encounters, and items to augment your hero. Five brand new boss encounters will ratchet up the difficulty using a range of pocketable Atlas “Watchstones”. Each stone allows players to reveal hidden maps and influence the difficulty of these areas. Of course, this also includes a chest full of new loot and items to take home, new currency items, and powerful enhancements for your equipment.

Enhanced armor won’t make this expansion a cakewalk, however. The entire update is topped off by the Metamorph Challenge League. The league takes any boss from Path of Exile, samples their skillset and creates a formidable new boss encounter, building out those skills to crush you underfoot. Taking traits from a range of enemies, these boss modes dynamically shift, making each encounter hard to predict. It’s a massive change for a piece of content that comes to Path of Exile for free. If you haven’t tried Path Of Exile before, this might be the best time to try, while the veterans are still wandering around working out what the hell just happened.

Players can pick up POE and jump into the update Conquerors Of Atlas Expansion on Playstation 4 now or head over to grab up the base game for a total of nothing over on the PlayStation Store.


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