Player 2 Has Joined with The Snakebyte Multi:Playcon

Snakebyte has just unveiled the Multi:Playcon, a brand new Nintendo Switch controller form the German manufacturer.

It’s hardware season again and while we are busy putting the last touches to our Game:Mouse Ultra review Snakebyte just revealed a new multiplayer add on for the Nintendo fans. Compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles, the Multi:Playcon allows owners of the Nintendo mobile powerhouse to bring their friends in on the action. Shipping in two color schemes each of the available controllers come in packs of two and are a convenient alternative to squeezing a single Joycon into the palm of your hand. A black and white pair feature in the teaser above but you’ll also find them shipping as a blue and orange set over on the Snakebyte website.

New Features

Alongside some striking colors the Multi:Playcon features intend on eliminating sore fingers and cramped conditions for your guests as the controllers incorporate an ergonomic shape as part of an easy-grip design. All the expected controls can be found on these accessories, alongside analog sticks and micromotor vibration. Snakebyte’s latest are clearly built to make it easy to assist your friends in battle with up to 16 of the controllers able to connect to a single game. If you’ve got a party of 16 ready to cook up a storm in Overcooked or race it out across Mario Kart 8 then the Snakebyte Multi:Playcon is now shipping from major retailers and Snakebyte for around €34.99 or local equivalent.

If you want to find out more, check out the Snakebyte website as this peripheral brand builds on its existing Nintendo Switch range. PC gamers won’t have to wait long for our review of the latest gaming mouse either. Keep it here for all the new hardware information as CES 2020 continues this week at Gamespace.

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