Prepare To Plug In Power To The People

Prepare to plug in and zone out as publisher Crytivo has just announced Power to the People, an electrifying new power grid management sim.

If you’re a fan of Planet Zoo, Two Point Hospital, or loved STATIONFlow, then developer Hermes Interactive has just announced that publisher Crytivo is on board to distribute this upcoming electricity management game. Due to land on PC in 2021, Power to the People take the traditional isometric building sim and shifts your focus onto the intricacies of utility management.

While you might think that you’ve got all this beaten with your time in Cities Skylines, Power to the People look likely to be a whole different experience. As you watch a range of cities develop and grow, you’ll have to upgrade and prepare the energy infrastructure to handle their ever-changing demands. Too much power and the city catches fire, not enough and angry citizens are left in the dark. You’ll be able to build a range of power plants to keep the juice flowing but do be mindful of resource management. This isn’t as simple as having enough cash in the bank.

To top it off, the demands of these cities isn’t likely to let up, and even when they do it’s just as likely you are enduring the same natural disasters. We already know Hermes are going to unleash solar flares and lighting strikes. No word on super volcanoes yet. If you’re interested in this shocking new twist on the traditional city builder then you can head over to the official Steam Store page for more information before you switch on and play this new sim. Alternatively, check out the trailer above and try to forgive us for all the electricity puns.

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