PUBG Mobile Lite Has A New Map

pubg mobile lite

PUBG Mobile Lite payers in certain regions of the world might have noticed a few changes to the game of late. Just this weekend, Tencent dropped update 0.14.1 and a brand new map.

Based on the massively successful PUBG battle royale title that swept the globe when it launched in 2017, PUBG Mobile Lite takes the battle royale genre and squeezes it into a mobile space. The same concept applies on the small screen as you might find on PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4 with a few twists. In PUBG Mobile Lite, 60 players parachute onto a remote island. A winner takes all battle ensues among competitors with all the same shooting, looting, and scavenging for supplies that the game’s bigger cousin has on offer, but built specifically to run on phones that have limited processing power or ram to spare.

Now players who have the new update can expect to find a new area to play chicken in. The new Golden Woods map is set to bring a fresh look to combat in PUBG Mobile Lite with the promo, material describing it as:

“a tight battleground setting that offers small towns to loot and shoot in, along with unique shrubbery for intense combat scenarios.”

A new map isn’t the only thing coming to PUBG Mobiel Lite either The latest update adds a whole host of new challenges to the achievement system. These are listed in the missions menu and will allow players to test their skills for a range of valuable prizes. In addition to extra loot, the best players will find boast-worthy combat titles unlock as they hit achievement milestones.

Other in-game additions are here too. The classic PUBG four-wheel UAZ is now available for a speedier trip across the map, while the PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBZ and QBU DMR rifle should help augment player combat capabilities.

Each of these extras is all in preparation for a brand new season, coming to PUBG Mobile Lite on 1 October. The new season will bring its own rewards so I’d get practicing before things kick off for real. PUBG Mobile lite is already out now and available via the  Google Play Store platform. For more details on your dinner, check out the official website now.

Also, according to SensorTower, PUBG Mobile revenue just accomplished the major milestone of $1 Billion in global player spending!

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