Quake Champions Gameplay Footage & QuakeCon Event Detailed

Quake Champions is getting ready to take the world by storm. During this year’s QuakeCon, teams will be on hand for its first-even esports event!

The team also announced that the first closed beta will begin on April 6th. You should be checking your email for an invite or heading to the site to sign up.

What’s New for Quake Fans at QuakeCon?

This year’s QuakeCon is taking place just outside of Dallas, Texas. These conventions have been ongoing since 1996 — makes you feel old, doesn’t it?

Anyway, some space reductions have been made due to the new location, especially in the BYOC space. These tickets have already been sold out. But not to worry, more general tickets are still out and about.

During QuakeCon 2017, folks will be able to watch competitive games with $50,000 in prizes. There will be eSports, tabletop games, as well as live cosplay events.

You can check out all of the deets on the QuakeCon 2017 site.

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