Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Set For Epic Launch Next Month

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is all set for launch, while we’re busy celebrating man’s mission to the moon this space adventure has set a course for your PC in August.

Landing on the Epic store as yet another exclusive title, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw goes live on 13 August 2019. This sci-fi western caused quite the stir when its initial teaser trailer dropped during 2018. In this rebel galaxy, space is a wild new frontier, full of adventure, mystery, and seedy bars where you’ll probably get shot to bits as soon as you’ll pick up a job. It’s up to pilots to navigate this harsh environment and come out with a profit.

Indie developer Double Damage has been toiling away on this stylized space adventure for some time now and it follows on from the success of the original Rebel Galaxy, released on PC back in 2015 and then later on consoles. This particular trade run seems to take the same basic ideas and inspiration as the first Double Damage game and blows them up on a massive scale. While space-faring trade sims like Elite Dangerous are all well and good, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is all about having fun.

Sitting nearer to Cowboy Bebop than Wing Commander, this game is crammed full of custom paint jobs, stylized space stations, a fully-fledged 45-hour central story, and a bunch of seedy bars. The combat looks top-notch here too. If you’ve ever wanted to live the life of a space cowboy, have no regard for the laws of physics, won’t stop for the cops, and want to see some awesome explosions then this is your Kessel Run. You can check out more about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw in the launch trailer below. Your mission briefing comes courtesy of a barely willing alien called Sandar who will take new privateers through the basics. Try not to get blown up before you get to the next bar.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw lands on the Epic Games Store on 13 August at a price of £27/€30/$30. You can check out more details on the game’s official website now.

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