Separation Unveils A Haunting Adventure on PSVR Today

Indie developer Recluse Industries is launching a gorgeous looking adventure today on PSVR, called Separation.

An ambient and serene exploration title, Separation is more than just a nice walk in the park in VR. The PlayStation VR title is a narrative experience unlike many that we’ve seen here at Gamespace. The new game comes from the mind of Martin Wheeler and is inspired by some seriously heavy motifs.

Inspired by the struggles I’ve had with feelings of loss and depression; Separation is a journey through a barren landscape of ruin, littered with empty shell-like structures. In its symbolism, the game is seeking a path through grief.” said Martin. “We’re too connected at times – calm, solitary experiences are becoming rarer in our crowded space. We need those moments more than ever and Separation might be the virtual retreat needed for urban recluses.”

Players jumping into this immersive title will find gorgeous vistas intertwined with puzzle-solving elements. Movement through this world is entirely joystick driven, no on rails motion here. This means that players can wander through in their own time indulging in some of the key features below.

Key Features:

  • With the PlayStation®VR headset, be transported to a place of panoramic desolation and epic solitude
  • Explore vast landscapes and colossal ruins
  • Experience bleak but beautifully atmospheric visuals
  • Find an imprisoned spirit and uncover a mysterious forgotten path
  • Immerse yourself in the ambient electronic soundtrack

This reflective experience is hard to describe and definitely different from other PSVR titles that we’ve had the pleasure of trying. If you have a PS$, the required headset and want som Separation from the hustle of modern life then you can pick this up today over on the Playstation Store. If you’re still not quite sure what it is then check out the trailer above for some more content on Separation.


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