Star Wars Battlefront 2 lays out its FREE DLC Plans

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront II is just around the corner and EA is ready to spill the beans on what fans can expect from Season 1 of their free DLC content. Most likely starting around December players will get a chance to join up with their favorite alliance in an event based on the highly anticipated Episode 8. Will it be Dark Side vs Light Side or First-Order vs Resistance? That remains to be seen.

But what we do know if players will be getting two new maps based off worlds from the up and coming film and each week you’ll get a chance to try out special modes and possibly earn some unique battlecards related to the event. Additionally, the single-player DLC is being ramped up even more with the continuation of Iden’s story. 

The dev team is really interested in making they listen to the players and they’ll be taking in feedback from fans to make sure that future events and DLC are in stride with what the community wants as well. Check out more details in the press release below and we’ll have more details for you as they get released. For now, read’s preview of the new DLC content HERE

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