Ubisoft Welcomes Players to The Settlers

Developer and publisher Ubifost is proud to announce the legendary build-up and real-time strategy series The Settlers returns to PC. To celebrate the occasion, the team shared a brand-new trailer aimed to welcome players to The Settlers.

“A group of settlers fleeing from a military coup on their home island embark on a journey in an inviting, believable and living medieval fantasy world to find a new home and the promised land of their ancestors. Settle on and explore new islands, make allies and fight against ruthless bandits that try spread control over many islands.”

Players can look forward to a variety of game modes, including a story-driven campaign, a number of multiplayer modes, a special Onslaught mode and much more.

According to the developers, the latest entry into the series will be staying true to its almost 30 years legacy. The game will give players an option to choose among 3 unique factions – the Elari, the Maru and the Jorn – and conquer the whole-new world. Each faction has a unique look and play style with one faction-specific military unit and their own background story.

At the heart of every match is gaining resources and building up your economy to recruit new settlers and a directly controllable, winning army. Research upgrades for your army and strengthen them by recruiting support and siege units.

Additionally, the developers have revealed The Settlers Closed Beta Test that will start on January 20th and end on January 24th. Check out the official announcement to find out more and register for participation.

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