Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Reaps Your Mobile Soul

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth has been released for iOS and Android mobile. The Square Enix cult classic was originally released on PlayStation in 2000 and PlayStation Portable in 2006 as Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. The mobile edition of the game brings a number of new features including auto-save capabilities, auto-battle, and an enhanced user interface optimized for touch screens.

Valkyrie Profile was originally released on the PlayStation Entertainment System (PS1) in 1999. It combined popular RPG turn-based gameplay, a unique combo system, and sidescrolling platformer action. In the original game, each member of the party was assigned to a button on the controller and timing each character attack well would trigger combo maneuver.  The game is deeply rooted in Norse mythology and follows the travels of the Valkyrie Lenneth in her quest for truth as Ragnarok looms.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is available on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store for $15.99. You can find out more information by following the game on Twitter.

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