Last Oasis Beta Wants PvP Clans For Combat Testing

Developer Donkey Crew is making a final call for Last Oasis beta testers s they get ready to start up the woodwalkers in Q1 2020.

The Polish team behind one of our more anticipated 2020 massive multiplayer experiences has made a final shoutout for clans who are ready to take on their vision of the future, giant sandworms, and other survivors when their closed beta kicks off soon. After a recent delay, the developer has been hard at work tightening up several features and preparing for the launch of closed beta. Now, players who have yet to hop aboard the last remaining wood walker and head over to the official last Oasis Discord channel to grab a spot.

Survival Of The Fittest

Last Oasis is a survival sandbox experience taking place in the aftermath of a planetary apocalypse but rather than advance mechanoids or hi-tech weapons, players in Last Oasis are more likely to be sat astride a giant wooden vehicle as they traverse what is left of the world. Building these monstrosities isn’t entirely without risk. Players will find a limited amount of resources are available and this will inevitably lead to conflict as they compete with other gamers for those precious building blocks.

Donkey Crew followed the shoutout for beta testers with more details about how this conflict and combat will work in a PvP developer video. With slowly rotating biomes in place and the option to pack up your base and scuttle off into the horizon, Donkey Crew has shown some focus in preventing stagnation and power creep from killing this title. This same balance seems to be apparent with the open-world PvP that will feature in Last Oasis. The recent video runs down how Donkey Crew found a balance that allows a satisfying risk vs reward system that has not resulted in the sort of excessive ganking we’ve seen in other big PvP arenas.

Now the Last Oasis beta needs clans experienced in organized PvP to break the game and give uncensored feedback on this crucial system. If you’ve already conquered Realm vs Realm, seen the darkest parts of the Abyss, or owned Stonemist on day one then head over to the Steam page for more information, the Last Oasis Discord is waiting.



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