Battlerite – Dragon Garden Map Preview

Battlerite – BattleRekt & Dragon Garden Map Preview Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler concentrated on action-packed PvP component. The developers ann...

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch Fastest Selling Mario Racer Ever

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling Mario Kart game ever. The game is selling so well that nearly one out of every two US Switch owne...

Willo Paladins

Willo Comes Flying Into Paladins

Forest’s Call – Willo joins Paladins in Open Beta Patch 49 During the Livestream couple days ago, the Paladins team announced a new character to joi...

Marvel vs Caprom Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – Gameplay Trailer

Check out Chun-Li, Hulk, Thor and others go full out in new gameplay trailer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.  In addition to seeing the quality of models, you ca...

Starcraft Retrospective

Development Retrospective for classic StarCraft

Blizzard has published a new retrospective blog post on the StarCraft community site. It takes a look back at 1997  when a “ragtag bunch of twenty-somethi...

Halo Wars 2 Colony DLC

Halo Wars 2 – Colony DLC is now out for PC and Xbox One

343 Industries sent out news about the latest DLC for Halo Wars 2. Known as the Colony, it is now available for PC and Xbox One. Players can get it as a standal...


Arcanity Releases Classically-Styled Tanzia Into the Wild

Arcanity is ready to swing open the Steam Early Access doors for its brand new game called Tanzia. It is an adventure RPG with a classic feel along with a comic...

Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph – An RPG Where XCom Meets D&D with a Dash of Discworld

Fort Triumph – The Tactical RPG Fort Triumph is a new game in development with a brand new KickStarter on top of it. Developers call it a fantasy tactical...

GNOG review

GNOG Ready to Go for PlayStation 4 with VR Support on May 2nd

GNOG is a 3D puzzle game and it’s ready to roll out on May 2nd. The game is already in the PlayStation Store for $15. The game features PlayStation VR sup...

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