Arena of Valor

Prepare For September Launch And Preregister To Win Rewards!

In July we bought you a hands on preview of Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch in closed beta paving the way to announcements such as this one that arrived this week on the official Arena of Valor Twitter...

Hands On In Arena of Valor Switch Closed Beta

Nintendo Switch are stepping it up in the second half of this year by adding competitive titles of all genres such as battleroyale phenomenon Fortnite and hero shooter title Paladins. Enter Arena of V...

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor: A Brief Chat with Tencent on their Massively Successful Mobile MOBA

Arena of Valor, if you’re not aware, is one of the world’s most played games. Recently, it launched in the US via the Apple App Store and Google Play. There’s a Switch version very n...

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