Prepare For September Launch And Preregister To Win Rewards!

In July we bought you a hands on preview of Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch in closed beta paving the way to announcements such as this one that arrived this week on the official Arena of Valor Twitter account sharing vital news regarding a lead up event to the Nintendo Switch launch in September.

Following this tweet welcoming news also arrived for current mobile phone players who will want to to play on Switch knowing that will have to start a fresh account to do so.

There are no further details available regarding what the rewards will be so stay tuned for that information that will hopefully arrive with the confirmed day in September that this popular MOBA arrives on Switch. Until then don’t forget to SIGN UP so you may gain the rewards that include a 3 day double gold card, 100 gems, Level 3 Arcana chest and a Maloch 7 Day trial card.

These rewards will be available via email to collect 3 days after launch.

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