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Best Logistical Puzzle Games To Play If You Like Dyson Sphere Project

Since its early access release on Steam a few weeks ago, Dyson Sphere Program has been a huge hit with the base building and logistical puzzler crowds. Unlike most base builders where players are task...

Satisfactory Comes to Steam Early Access on June 8th

Satisfactory Comes to Steam Early Access on June 8th

The developers from Coffee Stain Studio have announced the Steam Early Access release date for the first-person open-world factory building game Satisfactory, this time for real!  The game will be ava...

Best of 2019

Favorite Games Of 2019 – Getting To Know The GameSpace Staff

The Game Awards nominees were announced a few days ago and I realized I’ve only played three of the six nominees for game of the year, and one of those was only for a couple of hours. Not only t...

Satisfactory - Update 2 Trains & Nuclear

Satisfactory – Update #2: Trains & Nuclear

First-person open-world building sim Satisfactory is in for a second large update bringing forth trains and nuclear power & waste. Check out the video above featuring Community Manager Jace Valet-...

Is Satisfactory a Satisfying Game?

From Coffee Stain studios comes a new twist to the factory building automation genre with its newest game Satisfactory which is available on the Epic Store. If you’re familiar with games like Factorio...

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PC Gaming

All You Need to Know from the PC Gaming Show – E32018

Welcome to this year’s PC Gaming Show Conference coverage for We will go over the lengthy list of about 30 games that were shown with details for most, web links to these games, and rel...

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