super mario maker 2 update

Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Speedy Update

Super Mario Maker 2 gets a new update this week and it adds a new game mode and playable content when it gets off the starting line on Thursday. Named Update 2.0, because who needs a catchy title, the...

Lovely Planet 2

Lovely Planet 2 Launches Today With Adorable Destruction

Lovely Planet 2 is about to bring cute carnage to PC screens. The sequel t the acclaimed indie FPS Lovely Planet is out now today on Steam, for PC. Developed by Indian indie Quicktequila and published...

4shockblas Beats Doom Speedrun Record After Over 20 Years

4shockblast Beats Doom Speedrun Record After Over 20 Years

The original Doom has an in-built timer that allows players to check how long it took to complete a certain level. One of the tricks of this specific timer is that it always rounds the timer down, reg...

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