Worbital Launches January 31st

Team Jolly Roger has announced the upcoming launch of their deep space artillery strategy game Worbital. This Indie title offers a mix of long-range combat mixed with a healthy dose of chaotic cosmic ...


Steam Weekly High Five: Is Virtual Reality Dead?

Not even close, as zombies and the dead take over this weeks VR Steam menu! On Windows we get schooled by Daryl, dungeon crawl across the oceans of time and do our best to avoid extinction. All of the...


Steam Weekly High Five: Is there such a thing as too many pirate games?

Yes I mean the sea dominating salty kind! Can there be too many pirate themed games? I don’t think so, in fact we need more! Diving into the week Virtual Reality is really pulling out all the st...


Rise Of Industry Enters Early Access

If you are a fan of strategic simulators Rise of Industry is perfect for you especially if you want to be an early 20th-century industrialist tycoon! Build and manage your growing empire in a living, ...


Steam Weekly High Five: Wartile Exits Early Access and More

As folks get ready for Chinese New Years and Valentines Day with Spring/Autumn in the air, we fly across Steam waving hello to the long-awaited launch of Rust while checking out five fresh titles. In ...

GOD WAR Future Past

GOD WARS Future Past gets a new character trailer

The upcoming tactical RPG for PS4 and Vita from NIS, GOD WARS Future Past is showcasing its characters in the latest released trailer. If you’re not familiar, GOD WARS is like Fire Emblem from t...

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