After The Fall a snowy rooftop full of zombies

After The Fall Review: Leaves Other VR Shooters 4 Dead

Vertigo Games latest VR shooter explodes into life here on Gamespace and on the Viveport storefront as we get our gear together and try to stay alive long enough to review After The Fall. Zombies are ...

8 Great

Back 4 Blood Review: Bots, Bugs, Badass

For a few years, it seemed like everyone was throwing out zombie survival games: State of Decay 2, Dead Island, 7 Days to Die-developers were obsessed with an oncoming undead apocalypse. Then, we had ...

7 Good
State of Survival Gets A Day of The Dead Crossover

State of Survival Gets A Day of The Dead Crossover

State of Survival, the mobile zombie fuelled survival game is getting a crossover with The Day of The Dead. If you’ve been happily chewing through the recent incarnation of the Romero classic film ser...

10 Best Zombie Horror Games To Play In 2019

Last week we looked at some of the best psychological horror games available right now. They focused on suspense, mental distress, and jump scares to frighten the hell out of us. This week we are focu...

Zombie Army 4

Zombie Army 4: Dead War E3 Reveal Trailer

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is just the latest game to bring a little bit more of hell from the realm of imagination into your crosshairs. Now, Rebellion has unleashed a trailer and a release window for t...


World War Z – Not a Movie Review

The world as we know it has ended as we try to survive the outbreak. Millions are dead, turned into these screaming beasts that track every sound they hear. They move at speeds that would shock and aw...

9 Amazing

Steam High Five: April 5, 2019 Edition

Welcome back to our weekly peek into Steam’s newly released games. It’s probably obvious by now that I tend to steer away from big-ticket releases. Honestly, they have enough exposure, and...


World War Z Pre-Order and New Dev Diary

World War Z is an upcoming team-based zombie swarm experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive that promises to be a dynamic and pulse-pounding flurry of adrenaline-fueled, zombie may...

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