10 Best Racing Games To Play In 2020

With NASCAR starting up their season at Daytona this month and Formula One heading back to the track in March, racing is in the air. It’s this time every year when I start to get that racing itch and ...

Wreckfest review

Wreckfest Review on Xbox One

Smoke is pouring out of the exhaust, the engine rumbles as you press the accelerator, and the tires squeal as you peel out and head towards the nearest car. Then it happens, the loud sound of metal cr...

8 Great

Wreckfest Hits Consoles in August

Get ready to wreck as publisher THQ grinds our gears one more time on Consoles. Wreckfest is bringing automotive mayhem to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 27 August. Developed by Bugbear Entertainment, ...

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