Black Desert Mobile – Archer & Fletcher Are Ready For Battle

Pearl Abyss announced that two new classes, Archer and Fletcher, are ready to jump into the fray in MMORPG Black Desert Mobile.

The patch also includes Primal Accessory update, Market Convenience features, auto-fusion for Crystal & Rune chests, and more. Follow the link above to the official Black Desert Mobile site to find the full text of patch notes.

[Archer: Forgotten Sons of Sylvia, Earth’s Protector]

Archer uses a Crossbow retrofitted to mount on his arm, which allows him to be agile during battle.

Archer uses a special gauntlet called a Ra’ghon to draw out and concentrate light energy.

He can deftly move about the battlefield and appear to be everywhere at once, and can attack his enemies from every angle.

He can also concentrate all gathered energy into one powerful bolt of light that causes devastating damage.

  • Combat type: Ranged
  • Main / sub-weapon: Crossbow (main), Ra’ghon (sub)

[Fletcher: All those who threaten the Sacred Tree will be judged by my arrow!]

Only the Fletcher has mastered the skills required to craft and use the Divine Piercer, a unique spear-like arrow designed to be used with the Greatbow. Each shot pierces its target with precision and causes tremendous damage.

The Greatbow’s long range allows Fletcher to easily keep track of enemy movements from afar. He is often referred to as “The Overseer of Battle.”

  • Combat type: Ranged
  • Main / subweapon: Greatbow (main), Divine Piercer (sub)
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