Dauntless players give thanks during Ramsgiving


Phoenix Labs has announced that it will be hosting the first annual Dauntless Ramsgiving event in-game. The event is now live and will run through December 3rd. “Slayers” will be able to reflect on what they are thankful for and can also earn a weapon skin and check out some new shop items as well. Oh…and there are rams.

Players will need to pick up a special event ticket that will kick off a themed quest to collect 800 Moonstones. Once done, players return to the quest giver to trade Moonstones for the Benson’s Basher hammer skin.

Players can also Check out the in-game shop that has some sweet new Ramsguard Armor and some “hand-stitched items to pair with your quest reward”.

You can learn all of the details on the Dauntless official site.

About Dauntless

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