Devs Detail the Evolution of PvP in New World

The developers from Amazon have taken to Reddit to reveal the evolution of PvP in their sandbox MMO New World as well as factors that brought in the changes in the system.

During The Game Awards 2019, the team showed the Aeternum Awaits cinematic trailer, outlined the May 2020 launch date and opened the pre-orders for the game, which brought a lot of new players to the game. The community has expressed concern with the open PvP system of the game that allowed players to attack each other in any area of the game outside of Sanctuaries.

“Everyone was vulnerable to attack, at any time, from other players in the rest of the world. In order to attack, players would flag Criminal Intent. If you died as a Criminal you would experience full gear and inventory loss. If you died to a Criminal you would lose all of your inventory but keep your equipped gear with durability damage taken.”

The team has observed the players’ behavior during the course of Closed Alpha, and one of the noticeable problems of the system was the number of high-level players ganking low-level characters, a lot. Sometimes exclusively.

“This often led to solo or group griefing scenarios that created a toxic environment for many players. To be clear, this behavior was not shown by all PvP players, but enough to cause significant issues.”

Based on the received data, the developers realized they had to make fundamental changes to the system and not just incremental fixes (which were tried several times during the Alpha).

In the current design, players in New World experience PvP by opting into Faction conflicts and Wars for territory ownership. Opting into these PvP experiences will be extremely rewarding, often granting you exclusive in-game bonuses and rewards for your efforts.

During Alpha, it was made clear that PvP War was one of the most popular features in New World. We’ve taken that to heart and doubled down on it, incorporating a lot of the feedback, requests, and blue sky wishes of our testers into the latest version. At a high level, War will be 50 versus 50 PvP battles by appointment. Companies will declare War on territories they wish to take over, draft a roster of 50 combatants, and agree on timing for the battle. The War will take place on a protected battlefield, keeping anyone who isn’t confirmed to participate, out. This helps ensure a fair fight, without distraction. During the battle there are two sides, attackers and defenders. Defenders will protect their claim flag which sits in the center of their Fort. The Fort is equipped with storage, crafting stations, and upgradeable wall defenses. The Attackers will earn points during battle to upgrade and build siege weapons and towers. The War ends if the Attackers are able to break through the gates and claim the flag, or if time expires. During the course of the battle both sides can earn points to spend on upgrades and gear.


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