Dune: Spice Wars Welcomes Imperial Guests With House Corrino

Dune: Spice Wars just announced a new player in the war for Arrakis, the new House Corrino faction.

Barely any time has passed since Shiro Games confirmed a huge Multiplayer Update for the latest incarnation of Dune, and now the team behind this inventive mix of 4X and traditional RTS has announced players will be able to bring a new gilded gun to the fight for control of the Spice. The newly revealed House Corrino faction bring the rulers of the known galaxy down into the sands to bring the rest of the houses to help.

The latest news for Dune means players can expect to see the Emperor’s forces cut through their opponents after the Multiplayer Update arrives. You can check out the exact timing in the Early Access Roadmap.

For anybody ready to fight for the top of the food chain, House Corrino wields the mighty Sardaukar as a truly devastating force on the ground, but the great Emperor Shaddam IV is not invincible. The head of the Empire stands atop those that support them, and House Corrino will need to p[play a strategic political game to keep factions like the Spacers Guild on side. As for specifics, we should expect more on this imperious new addition at Gamescom 2022. For now you can try out the rest of the factions in Dune: Spice wars for 20% over on Steam

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