Dysterra Is Gunning For Attentoin With An Epic Launch trailer

Dysterra, the sparkly new sci-fi survival shooter from Kakao Games and Reality MagiQ has just launched on PC with a stunning new trailer.

Fans of Rust and Tarkov will have something very different to aim at today as sci-fi survival shooter Dysterra makes a landing on PC. The well appointed adventure might only be making a foray into Early Access but we’re kind of hyped already.
Set in a somewhat dystopian future, the new Early Access launch trailer gives us a glimpse of a far future humanity, struggling to survive on a world with limited resources. Despite vast leap in technology, seemingly insurmountable challenges await anybody leaping into Early Access.

Pitting players against each other and the environment in a perishing Earth, the remaining population must find a way to prevent extinction while still ensuring individual survival, all while wielding immensely powerful weapons and futuristic technology. Whether you use them for good or selfish purposes is up to you. You’ll begin this journey with a sidearm and rifle, so you can get right into the action immediately and defend yourself while crafting and gathering. With a focus on streamlining the entire experience, Dysterra looks likely to be a fast paced survival sim that fans of Last Oasis or The Cycle will probably take right to.

Anybody ready to take on whatever this new version of Earth throws at them can join the action today. Get in ahead of the crowd and download before December 31) to receive a limited Early Access skin via Dysterra’s Steam store page and join the race for survival.,

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