Heroes of the Storm Updated with CraftWars

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the release of a new set of skins and much more for Heroes of the Storm. Named “CraftWars”, the patch brings a number of cross-themed skins from Warcraft and Starcraft. In addition, both Gazlowe and D.Va have been reworked and the new Nexus Anomaly called Gladiator’s Medallion is now part of the game.

New skins and mounts include:

  • King of Blades Arthas
  • Emperor of the Dominion Anduin
  • Necrotopologist Mei
  • Draenei Executor Artanis
  • Mineral Harvester Gazlowe
  • Invincilisk mount
  • Iron Kite mount

Heroes in HotS are divided into a number of classes. Both D.Va and Gazlowe are in the Bruiser class and have been updated to bring more diversity to their playstyle but still retaining their “unique identity”.

The team approached D.Va’s rework with three main goals in mind: to make her talent choices more compelling and meaningful, to help her become a traditional ‘bruiser’ and give her more of an edge against solo laners, and to avoid pigeonholing players into having to choose either a Mech or Pilot Heroic. 

The Heroes team had very clear goals with Gazlowe’s rework: on the gameplay side, the devs saw an opportunity to make him more effective in team fights and solo laning. On the thematic end, they knew they wanted to play up the Goblin engineering fantasy and used this as a pillar for the changes to Gazlowe’s kit.

Check out the full update notes by visiting the Heroes of the Storm official site.

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