Heroland Is Landing On Consoles In Fall 2019


Heroland is about to make an entrance and you’d best watch those knees on impact. XSEED Games has confirmed that Heroland is coming to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the Fall.

If you love superheroes but haven’t ever quite got on with Planet Coaster or Two Point Hospital then this title might be for you. Heroland is a 2D RPG that follows the guests of the famed Heroland theme park. As a day trip descends into dungeons, guests get to explore dungeons and beat up the bad guys. With a little help and direction from players, they can even become legendary heroes. Players get to act as tour guides to this day trip, keeping things on track and making sure guests have their best day. This bright pixel park seems all well and good until things go wrong for one unwitting guest. Things become a little real when one group of guests including Elric, the spoiled, fallen prince of the Knowable Kingdom, unintentionally begin unraveling Heroland’s dark history. Now it is up to one part-time tour guide and some questionable characters to save Heroland and the wider world.

All Work and No Monster Slaying

Originally released in Japan as WORK x WORK, Heroland is a very different type of theme park title. Created by key developers from MOTHER 3, Legend of Mana, and Fantasy Life, Heroland is a quirky 2D adventure. Director Takahiro Yamane, of Fantasy Life Fame, and the rest of the team has shaped a colorful world full of interesting characters, bright adventures, and a nihilistic otter. If you think your daily battle with the receptionist is difficult, imagine a cast of working adversaries that includes cute little slugs, selfie-loving skeletons, and man-eating broccoli. Things in Heroland certainly aren’t going to be like any excursion you’ve ever taken before.

Pre-order is now open for this Fall release, including the game’s day 1 physical edition. This Knowable Edition is packed with the following and comes in at $49.99.

  • Physical copy of Heroland for Nintendo SwitchTM or PS4TM system
  • 10.5” x 6” drawstring pouch
  • Musical Selections CD
  • 14” x 20” theme park-style folded map
  • Sumo wrestling papercraft

A digital option will be available on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop for $39.99. When Heroland makes an entrance, just remember, no capes! You can find out more about Heroland at the official XSEED website now.

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