BTS World Soundtrack Limited Edition Pack Pre-Orders Begin

BTS World Soundtrack

The BTS World Soundtrack is getting a Limited Edition soundtrack and pre-orders are now available via the new Netmarble Store.

While many of you might be more enthused by the news that Team Rocket hit Pokemon GO Yesterday, the BTS Army was still busy marching through the thousand of app-exclusive photos in the BTS World game. Now fans of the game can get their hands on a limited edition version of the soundtrack. Publisher Netmarble has just opened a brand new online store, an online version of Netmarble’s traditional character shop. To celebrate the launch, Netmarble has opened pre-orders for a limited edition BTS World OST.

BTS Army

Published by Netmarble, the BTS World app is a visual novel management hybrid based around the lives of BTS. Players and fans of this worldwide music phenomenon can manage every element of the aband’s career fro=m their eating habits to their fashion choices. By taking the time to ensure the boys in BTS are as successful as possible, players get access to interact with the band via a range of interactive texts, videos and exclusive photos of the band.

This specific package is officially available via the Netmarbe store. It comes in at 45.000KRW or roughly $36.00. The box contains several items including the  OST album, a manager ID card, a neck wallet, eight-story cards, and a set of eight magnets. The OST holds all 14 tracks from the game, including the three singles that the band released from this album. While fans have been able to get their hands on the boxed album for some time via unofficial means, this is one of the few official online releases for a special boxed set.

Pre-orders are limited to two per account, with new Netmarble accounts receiving a 10% discount. The BTS World Soundtrack is expected to ship ion 30th of August and the sale is already ongoing, with supplies limited. While we don’t know how limited supplies are, I’ll be having a look at this for the BTS army that somehow has an encampment in my house. You can find out more about BTS World on the official app stores for Apple and Android devices now.

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