Monster Prom Has a Second Term DLC

If you’ve had the fortune to visit Monster High of late then you’ll know that things can get firey when it comes to relationships. When you’ve got hellspawn hipsters and werewolves all going through puberty, what could be better than even more undead teenagers? Welcome to Monster Prom’s Second Term DLC.

Out now and available for PC, via Steam, Monster Prom’s first full DLC pack come to a game that absolutely delighted us from the moment we laid our third eye on it. If you haven’t heard of Monster Prom then you’re in for an absolute scream. Scarier than any otherworldly adventure or epic RPG, this visual novel sends players back to Monster High School. With prom on the horizon, it’s up to new transfer students to weave their way through werewolves, witches, and zombies to find a date to the prom. It features a voice cast full of fandom’s favorites, including Arin Hanson, Jessie Cox, and Dodger, as well as some stand out art by Arthur Tien. The light tone, irreverent writing, and awesome visuals made high school almost bearable if the odd pack of gremlins in the canteen didn’t already break up the day.

Now after ongoing free updates, its time for two new crushes. The Second Term DLC is out now and introduces a coven of new characters, two of which you can attempt to romance. Voiced by Casey Mongillo and Jacksepticeye, Second Term adds Calculator and Zoe to the register. While Zoe seems to be your run of the mill anthropomorphic tentacled sea spawn, Calculator might be the android exploration of the human condition that matches me perfectly. Joining these additions in Second Term are ten more NPCs. These include cultists, an irritating Kappa, and even a preppy Yeti. Extra voice acting comes from Felecia Day and John Bailey, this time around. The Second Term extras aren’t limited to an expanded roster either. Ten new endings, new end credit polaroids, and more are stuffed into Second Term. If you think you’re a high school Casanova, then get your freak on and prepare for Monster Prom’s Second Term, out now on PC. You can check out all your potential love interests at the official website.

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