Project Nimbus Mechs its Way to Nintendo Switch

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

It is no secret that if it’s massive, chrome plated, and wielded with a furious vengeance then I’ll get in it. Mecha inspired video games are common enough but it looks like something special is coming to Nintendo Switch with the announcement of Project Nimbus: Complete Edition.

Originally developed by GameCrafterTeam and GameTomo, this cult hit features a vast array of mech frames, fitted with the latest in overkill, all battling it out for supremacy. In the far future, three distinct factions vie for control and it is up to you to jump into a gargantuan weapon platform and take that fight to the enemy. Strap on missiles, rail guns, and energy cannons for ranged bombardment or utilize energy blades and blade rushes when in melee range. Set across a range of environments, each of game’s twenty-six missions takes pilots across floating cities, oceanfront fortresses, and off up into the stars. A range of distinct boss fights are intermingled with the bit part mechanoids. You can spot some of the game’s intimidating flying fortresses, nuclear battle mechs, and the odd pirate in the trailer below.

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is a new version of the original and brings a few big additions to the Nintendo Switch. Warfront mode involves six unlimited mission modes including Base Defense, Interception, and Assassination. It has six different levels of pilot (including Legendary) and Battle Frame customization that should keep you playing for hours more. The bonus Survival Mode also tests your will to live with an endless wave of increasingly powerful mechs. Finally, the Nintendo Switch version of Project Nimbus: Complete Edition brings JoyCon support to the cockpit, which ought to leave us flailing resplendently on the morning commute.

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition brings the classic from PC and PlayStation 4 to Nintendo Switch on May 16th. You can see what you’re up against on the official Project Nimbus website.

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