Press Release: Quake Champions Season 2

The March update for Quake Champions is implementing a whole host of changes including performance updates, loads of bug fixes, balance changes, and game optimizations, and that’s only a part of it! March brings about a whole new season of rewards to earn, and a new menu of items made available in the store. And of course, news about Quake Champions esports plans for this year.

Quality of Life and Performance Optimizations

The goal of the many, new improvements affecting server networking and client rendering improvements is a more consistent overall gameplay experience. Each of the maps has been thoroughly examined and several performance issues addressed, and this is on top of the many, many bugs that have also been dealt with.

Many QoL features have been added to Quake Champions, including a section of tutorials for new players, new settings customizations, Improved Bot AI, soundtrack selection, ability support, crosshair scaling, a skippable intro cinematic, and more.

The New and the Shiny

That’s right, I said a new season of rewards! Players will now be able to progress through the Quake Champions Season 2 Battle Pass, giving them access to new, exclusive vanity rewards including a Tesla Lightning Gund, a Flintlock Shotgun, and Visor’s Plasma Emission System. New items will also be made available in the store, including the community-created Chibi Icons Pack. And still, there is more! All players will now have access to create Custom Games of their own, allowing players to manipulate match rules, or simply run around the maps with abandon.

A Salute to the Departing

Of course, as new things come, old things must inevitably be done away with, and so we bid farewell the Champions Pack. This, fortunately, will not affect current owners of either the Champions Pack or Scalebearer Edition and all of their current unlocks will remain open to them.  Champions can still be acquired through the collection of shards, or with Platinum.

Tantalizing Esports News

The newest season of Quake Champions tournaments will take place over a yearlong fragfest of a season from 2019-2020, Starting with a Duel tournament that will take place at QuakeCon 2019, the season will progress through the year until culminating into the World Championship at the 25th Quakecon, Quakecon 2020!

Further news regarding the esports, including restructuring the esports season, will be made available soon.

Season two awaits your fury and frag-loving enthusiasm, so what are you waiting for? Dive in and share your expertise with the world while enjoying an improved gaming experience! The Arena beckons!

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