Red Hook Studios Announces “Kingdoms” Game Mode for Darkest Dungeon II

Red Hook Studios Announces "Kingdoms" Game Mode for Darkest Dungeon II

Red Hook Studios has announced that the new Kingdoms game mode is coming to Darkest Dungeon II in 2024. The free content update will challenge players to race the clock to defeat a monstrous threat before it destroys the world.

The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer that showcases the new content, including locations and gameplay features.

The standalone Kingdoms mode requires players to gather resources to upgrade heroes and the network of Inns spanning the map. Inns have their own “skill” tree that allows for extensive upgrades. Players will be sent out on several quests to bring three factions to heel: The Coven, Beastmen, and Crimson Courtiers.

Co-Founder and Creative Director Chris Bourassa said, “This new mode will blend some of the permanence and roster management of the original Darkest Dungeon with the traversal and combat of Darkest Dungeon II. Best of all, this is a massive, FREE update to DDII, packing our flagship title with even more content and value for our players. At Red Hook, we evaluate projects based on their potential to elicit surprise, delight, and despair… Kingdoms hits all three. We can’t wait to share more with our community.”

Players will also want to explore “Confessions,” a journey through five campaigns. Each one has its own boss and “pervasive mechanics.” There are a dozen playable heroes for Confessions. Those who own the Binding Blade DLC can access the Duelist and the Crusader. Players can rack up bunches of achievements and companion pets throughout each of these campaigns.

Learn more about the Kingdoms game mode by visiting the Darkest Dungeon II official site.

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