Sea Of Thieves Heart of Fire Update is Bananas

Get ready to cast off into the New Heart of Fire update for Sea of Thieves coming to the high seas next week.

Sea of Thieves, the pirate-themed MMO from UK developer Rare has just turned two years young and now the sea songs are over, players should get ready for the next major update. before it makes land, hitting Xbox One and PC on 11 March, Rare has revealed information on the upcoming Heart of Fire update and it looks typically tongue in cheek. While a new video over on the official Sea of Thieves YoutTube runs down some of the more functional details, we’re most excited about the incoming cosmetics.

Something Fruity

As part of the Heart of Fire add on, pirate pets will get the chance to dress up in some amazing banana costumes. Combat will get particularly fruity too, with a range of banana themed weapons available in the premium store. If that isn’t enough, Heart of Fire will bring a ton of content too.

PvP focused players will get some less squishy weapons. The new Blunderbomb looks like it could cause some serious confusion when it falls into players’ hands. The item is a chuckable explosive that is primarily meant to inflict knockbacks rather than damage. Useful in close quarters it can be used to knock enemies off their perches or even loaded into cannons to knock an opposing ship off course.

The biggest content bounty coming to Sea of Thieves is the PvE updates for Heart of Fire. Next week players will get a new story mission for the pirate simulator which follows on from the narrative kicked off last year. We don’t want to spoil the details but rare has put substantial work into this chapter of the game to make a cinematic experience that plays slightly different each time payers sail into action. The whole update is wrapped up with the normal bug fixes and technical improvements that you might expect from a major update.

Anybody looking for something to do in the meantime can head over to Sea of Thieves and haul in as many qualifying fish as possible between now and Sunday, in order to bag some sweet new prizes in the Hunter’s Haul fishing challenge. Until then pirates, happy hunting and we’ll see you on the seas when Heart of Fire kicks off next week.




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