The Battle Is Over – Warhaven is Closing Down

new warhaven class - the claw

Nexon has announce that PvP Brawler Warhaven is Closing Down

Put down your lute. Stay your sword. Nexon has announced that PvP brawler Warhaven is done. The competitive arena adventure that is still in Early Access dropped the unexpected news last week, via a Steam news update. The post confirms that the online title will cease service as of 5th April 2024, but not much else. Nexon has advised that players can expect a full timeframe for the shutdown shortly, but for now it means that anybody out to conquer their friends and enemies might want to make the best of the latest Jade Dragon Event.

The closure news also confirmed that the game’s premium currency, known as WP, is now inactive, so no more spending on shiny accessories. We don’t know if this means e can expect any compensation for WP currency already promoted with bonuses and redundant digital items.

The revelation is something of a shock, as Warhaven is only 4 months into Early Access. After initially hitting early testing, things went free to play, pre-season tournaments kicked off, new maps, characters, and events arrived. While reception has been mixed due to core issues, this didn’t seem like an insurmountable set of challenges for the company behind Maplestory, Kartrider, and more. If you want to bash some opponents in a medieval fantasy melee brawler then Warhaven is still open to play over on Steam, for a short time longer.

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