Sci-fi Horror Puzzler-The Subject Lands on Kickstarter

The Subject

A new sci-fi horror adventure, puzzler loaded with tension has reached the Kickstarter platform. Welcome to The Subject.


As shared on Steam:

Can you stay calm while being hunted? The Subject is a Sci-Fi horror game from DarkStone Digital. Play as a prisoner sold off to a deep-space testing facility. Navigate the maze-like complex and solve various puzzles while a strange creature hunts the next subject forced into its halls. You.


Brian Clarke the face and developer of Darkstone Digital has been in the video game industry a little over 13 years at studios such as Trion Worlds, Electronic Arts and Disney filling roles like lead artist, art director, producer, and other various jobs over the years. Like many developers wishing to start, support or be closer to family moving from big studio’s to starting their own games is often the next best choice for those who wish to continue being passionate and dedicated to the gaming industry.  For those who have played games Brian has worked on, his candid but kind personality alongside his willingness to share his process while also having fun doing so is both welcoming and reassuring.


With 21 Days to go and a current $6000 goal, The Subject campaign is off to a great start, wishing shining Darkstone Digital all the very best with this awesome adventure!


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