Wayfinder Closed Beta Delayed

wayfinder lower skylight

The Wayfinder Closed Beta due to go global today has been delayed thanks to a last minute bug.

Wayfinders ready to jump into the latest global pre release test of this hotly anticipate MMO from Digital Extremes will have to wait a little longer. In an announcement across social media and Steam, developer Airship Syndicate confirmed that an unanticipated server issue has put the expected start date for this event on hold. The team didn’t go into detail on the particulars, but it’s serious enough that the entire beta is delayed.

As of right now, the team behind this upcoming sci-fi fantasy title are continuing to work on the problem through until this morning. We’re expecting a full update in a few hours, at around 12 PM CT on the original start date.

On checking the social post, you might notice there is no rescheduled date or time. While that might mean some potential players are unable to plan, it’s not a new problem. This is a beta after all. The entire point of these tests is to ensure problems are uncovered and resolved before release. This is only the second major closed beta test for an MMORPG that dropped onto our radar earlier in 2023. Situated on a decimated fantasy world in the far reaches of outer space, this new MMO might remind older gamers of Wildstar on first look but it certainly has a personality all its own. Venturing out into world where a Gloom has corrupted much of the land, players will guide the reanimated spirit of a fallen hero and bring the light back.

If you are due to jump into the Wayfinder closed beta whenever it goes live then you can check out what’s waiting in Evanor in our hands on Wayfinder preview. For the rest of the world, you can keep an eye on this intriguing free to play MMORPG on the official website now.

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