Winter Is Coming and Mountain Rescue Simulator is Here To Save You.

Mountain Rescue Simulator is set to save you from the latest cold snap that is incoming. Stay in, get on the piste, and get ready to save some lives on PlayStation 4 and PC now.

In one of the more unusual titles that I’ve seen since Disaster Report 4, Mountain Rescue Simulator has hit the slopes of Steam and the PlayStation Store and it is exactly what it sounds like. While getting some freshly pressed snow beneath your feet sounds like heaven to some, accidents do happen. Why risk an icy driveway when you could be the hero this time around.

Coming from United Interactive entertainment, the same team behind Cart Transporter 2013, Heavyweight Transport Simulator 3, and Woodcutter Simulator, Mountain Rescue Simulator is a little more in depth than dealing with street-side strains. As part of an elite winter rescue team, players purchasing this sim will find themselves exploring vast snowy ranges and treacherous valleys in an effort to find that one person that just doesn’t follow good advice. When tourists venture into trouble you will use a range of vehicles to retrieve lost souls, including the snow cat, helicopter, and quad. While this snow bound survival sim is a single player experience, you’ll have some company. Alongside a team of NPCs, players will have a rescue dog to help out on more difficult excursions. Unfortunately, not even the mountain rescue teams can save you from our ten worst video game movies.

With a huge amount of terrain to cover, will you arrive on time or are you going to be distracted by the view? You can check out Mountain Rescue Simulator in the trailer above and head over to the official website to find out more about this lifesaving sim and you can even find out more about woodcutter simulator because even I’m intrigued now.



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