DJMAX Respect V Gets Jinxed by League OF Legends

The recent release of DJMAX Respect V is Jinxed! Riot has added two massive League Of Legends tracks to this rhythm game.

In partnership with Riot Games, the developer behind the phenomenally successful League of Legends, Neowiz and Rocky Studio have just unleashed two new tracks for DJMAX Respect V. Plucked straight out of the hit MOBA,  Get Jinxed and K/DA’s Pop Stars are now both part of this newly revitalized musical adventure. Coming exclusively to the PC, these two added extras are part of a free update to the game and are not the only addition.

“We are incredibly thrilled to have Riot’s help in adding these two iconic songs to DJMAX Respect V,” says Ji Soo Moon, CEO of Neowiz. “K/DA’s smash hit track Pop Stars and the Get Jinxed track are some of the best songs in gaming history, as far as we’re concerned. We can’t wait for our players to have a chance to master them in DJMAX Respect V.”

Fans of the more musical side of Riot’s world will appreciate a raft of League of Legends visuals and movies to accompany the legendary tracks. If you haven’t seen or heard these two tracks then you can check out the up-tempo tracks over on the League of legends Youtube channel. These are just part of an ongoing media presence outside of the MOBA arena that gives the online arena battler a huge presence beyond the end of a match. If it all seems a bit foreign to you then I probably don’t want to explain Hastume Miku, a Japanese Idol Star, to you quite yet.

DJ Respect Max V hit the PC platform a few weeks ago and is a port of 2018’s hit rhythm game that was previously only available on PlayStation 4. It includes over 160 songs already and these two extras are just the start with Neowiz confirming more to come soon. You can click to the rhythm over on the DJMAX Steam Store page or check out the official website for more track info.


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