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Samurai Shodown Switch Banner

Samurai Shodown Switch Review

Let’s start by saying this reviewer is not the best at fighting games and hence is not a big “fan” of them. I tend to shy away from them unless compelled for some reason. Reasons lik...

8.5 Great
Last Oasis

Last Oasis Players Can Grab A Full Refund

After a launch weekend that saw some serious server issues, Last Oasis developer, Donkey Crew has offered full refunds to the player base. In a social media post that hit twitter on Sunday night, the ...

FPS Bright Memory is Now Out in Steam

FPS Bright Memory is Now Out in Steam

After a year in Early Access, lightning-fast FPS Bright Memory by FYQD-Studio has seen the full release! All Bright Memory owners will get Bright Memory: Infinite, the game currently in development, f...

Warlander Review

Warlander Review for PC

Clock Drive Games has created a rogue-like game where you play as the resurrected warrior Bruce. The opening, while short, does a good job of capturing the player’s attention. The ye old typical trope...

6 Fair
core alpha

Core In Open Alpha Today

Today Manticore Games throws open the doors to Core, an opportunity to find the next generation of player creators. If you spent the wee hours whittling away your free time on Little Big Planet levels...

Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed arrives on Xbox One & Xbox One X

Bandai Namco has announced that Bless Unleashed has officially launched for Xbox One and Xbox One X. The action MMORPG is exclusive to the platform and is a free-to-play title. For players interested ...

Unity, Microsoft & Epic Games Pull Out From GDC 2020

Unity, Microsoft & Epic Games Pull Out From GDC 2020

Game Developers Conference aka GDC 2020 is planning to start on March 16th in San Francisco, California. Although at this point it seems quite possible that the conference will not happen at all. Prev...

Bless Unleashed slashes into Xbox One head start

Players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Founder’s Edition of Bandai Namco’s Bless Unleashed can now head into the game to leverage just over two weeks of head start action in the Xbox One exc...

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