Welcome to WTFBBQ-now that we’ve cooled off a bit, I’ll caution you to push back your lawnchairs a bit as I add some more fuel to the fire dumps in ten gallons of lighter fluid. Let’...

Make Money in Gaming

7 Ways Gamers Can Earn Extra Cash – Have Fun & Get Paid!

Things have changed over the years in the gaming world. It’s not just about enjoying the game anymore; you could actually make some money out of it! Many people wonder how someone could make mon...


WTFBBQ: Oldschool vs. Newschool

Hello and welcome back to WTFBBQ-this week we’re looking at old school vs. newschool, a balmier and less explosive topic, but still, one that can get some people looking for the fire exits. Last...


WTFBBQ: Hardcore vs Casual

Sit down, pull up a lawn chair and make sure to wear your best asbestos safety gear-it’s time for another installment of WTFBBQ! After last week starting off mild, let’s get into something...


WTFBBQ: Play Vs. Pay

Welcome to my new column where I’ll be taking some of the most flameworthy topics scoured from the gaming annals and exposing them, yet again, to the internet. This time, in article format where...

What We Want To See From Skill-Based Casino Gaming

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouse is: Five Reasons to Play Online Slots

Las Vegas, Nevada: the city that never sleeps. Though also known for its extravagant shows and dazzling venues, the crown jewel of Sin City is undoubtedly its casinos. The siren call of slot machines ...

Far Cry 5 review ps4

Far Cry 5: The Pastor Versus The Father

What you are about to read are a series of observations and thoughts from a particular point of view. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I hope that they spark conversations. And while some many...

Fortnite 20 Million

Three Upcoming Trends in eSports

Esports is an industry on the rise. Become a professional video game player is now a viable career path and this is an industry supported by millions of eager fans who all want to see their favorite p...

The Most Popular PC Casino Games

When it comes to playing casino games some us simply enjoy playing them just for fun and entertainment. One of the most popular ways to play any form of casino game be it poker, blackjack or slots is ...

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