City of the Shroud Chapter One Launches 9 August

A massive story, player-driven narrative, and a tactical RPG that turns conventions on their head. All of these things are promised by City of the Shroud, a brand new RPG that launches its very first chapter on 9 August 2018.

Coming to PC and Mac, on Steam, this tactical RPG invites players to enter the city of Iskedrun. This once great city is now in a state of disrepair, run down by years of decay and the rot of corruption. The exotic alleyways and curious characters that lie within the city limits become the backdrop to a huge adventure, as players attempt to lift a shroud that mysteriously envelopes the city.

This isometric top-down RPG is the work of Abyssal Arts, a studio that seems determined to innovate on the RPG genre. Asuccessfullysully embracing early Kickstarter culture, City of the Shroud went into development and the result has been interesting. Unlike traditional prescribed paths, the game’s narrative will be directly influenced by the community’s choices. Anybody playing the initial chapter of City of the Shroud will help determine the fate of who lives and dies in this perilous city. In addition, the team, led by Keaton White, dispensed with traditional point and clikc mechanics and have crafted a combat experience that draws heavily on beat em up mechanics.

If you want to find out more about this new RPG and the city of Iskedrun, check out the release trailer below.

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