ExoCorps Blasts Into Early Access Now

Exocorps, the hectic sci-fi shooter from indie team Gingerbred is finally blasting off into PC, via Steam Early Access.

Available right now over on the official Exocorps Steam Store Page, Ginerbreds new shooter has caused some serious anticipation since it first hit our scopes back in August. Now, everyone with a hankering for something with a bit more of a Tribes vibe than Fortnite can grab Early Access to this new adventure at a 20% added discount.

In Space…

Set in the near future where the road to victory is paved with potential dangers, humans have outfit themselves with a new paradigm shift in combat technology, advanced exo suits. Part space suit, part jet fighter, and armed with the latest weaponry, the Exosuit is the pinnacle of infantry powered armour. Climbing through the sky at 200kph, players can engage in fast paced multiplayer action that requires a modicum of tactical awareness. Taking inspiration from titles such as Starship Troopers, movies like Top Gun, and games like Tribes and Counter Strike, Exocorps plunges players into Deathmatch and Capture-the-Flag engagements across a range of different biomes. Barren rocks, deserted moonscapes, and cluttered landscapes don’t just provide a pretty backdrop, they can also change the way that Exocorps plays.

Like any advance military tech, these incredible Exosuits come packed with an arsenal of exotic and experimental weapons to blow away any enemies you come across. Guns, shields, rail guns, and outrageously effective smart missiles are all ready to take down a blip on the horizon. To get a full feel for the mix of tactical FPS action and frantic dogfighting that is now in Early Acess, just take a quick look at the Exocorps Early Access trailer above. If you’re still not quite sold on the hard science shooter that we’re ready to lose a weekend in then check out more about the ideas behind this gorgeous looking shooter over in our interview with Gingebred and suit up for ExoCorps by heading over to the official Exocorps Steam Store page now.

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